3 Best Managed Hosting For WordPress Users


In this post, I have consolidated the three best managed WordPress hosting that I use for my blogs.

Which hosting provider are they? 

  1. WPX Hosting
  2. WPEngine
  3. FastComet

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Now, let’s get into the matter! 

I should admit the WordPress is the best content management system that possesses excellent features.

However, nowadays, many WordPress sites get into the hacker attacks as the website owners are inviting the cyberpunks and intrusion codes through the security holes like cheap hosting, free WordPress themes, unreliable WordPress plugins, not having the latest version of WordPress, easily guessable login credentials and much more.

Have a look at this infographic post related to WP security, and you might be surprised to know that the 41% (major percent) of WordPress sites get attacked through the HOSTING service they are using.

Therefore, it would be better to choose the premium hosting service to keep the security concerns at bay.


I have been in the Blogosphere since 2012, and thus I’m familiar with the benefits of getting the reliable hosting plan (specifically Managed WordPress hosting) for my WordPress blogs.

As I’m working on several projects, I have purchased three different best managed WordPress hosting services. Let me combine their high points with this post so that you will be able to get the properly managed server service for your WordPress website/blog.

Do you know what exactly WordPress Managed hosting is?

If you are unclear about the exact qualities of this dedicated hosting type, then you should read my piece of content that clearly tells about managed WordPress hosting.

I expect that you can understand the benefits and the services offered by this type of hosting plan.

Also, my precise words about “Who may get the managed hosting?” would help you decide whether this optimum server is suitable for your site or not.

Let’s come to the critical point now! I have purchased the following best 3 Managed hosting service for my WordPress sites, and I’m completely satisfied with their service.

As they are customized for plugin and security support, I took a pleasant chance to recommend them to my beloved readers. The steadfastly WordPress managed server hosting that I use are

1. WPEngine
2. WPXHosing
3. BlueHost

Have the detailed look at each managed WP hosting!

Top 3 Fully Managed WordPress Hosting That I Use

1. WPEngine – Get 2 Months Free

WPEngine is my ideal choice as it is the best-managed WordPress hosting service that serves over 2 billion page views every day. The company claims that they are the powerful managed WordPress hosting in the world through its best customer service.

Best Qualities of WPEngine

• Best architecture and surplus features to keep the WordPress fast
• Powerful firewalls and proactive detection to remove the malware
• SSL will get ready in a single click
• Evercache technology and CDN-integrated for massive speed
• Full-time support from WordPress specialists

Which WPEngine Features Caught My Attention?

1. Flexible medium with development tools
2. Easy plugin migration
3. 60 days money-back guarantee
4. Stable server with 99.9% uptime
5. Related Posts & custom cPanel

WPEngine is a high-class hosting made to host the WordPress sites. You might get scared with the pricing plans, but it is worth to get without any second thought through WPEngine Black Friday Offer as it is the fastest managed hosting service.

2. WPX Hosting2 Months Free For Yearly Plan


WPX is one of the best WordPress managed hosting companies that gained trust from the high traffic site owners. Previously it was called, Traffic Planet Hosting and there is no change in the ownership and the tech support team.
I’m using it for one of my niche blogs, and it is performing well.

I should have a word about its load speed; it’s just amazing. If you get a chance to use, I’m sure that you will adore blazing fast servers that could handle the massive amount audience without ruining their experience.

WPX Managed Hosting Features

• Fastest server to get quick loading websites
• Free Google-sponsored SSL certificate to install in seconds
• Simple & refreshing interface which is comfortable to work
• Knowledgebase category that has in-depth guides to manage the site
• Free CDN configuration
• Top-notch customer support

What do I like in WPX hosting?

1. Affordable hosting plans
2. Free site migration
3. High uptime
4. Free domain name and two months free hosting
5. Free email and daily backup
6. 30 days money back guarantee

WPX hosting claims that it is the fastest managed WordPress hosting & performance focussed and hence it is worth trying because you know that the Google considers the loading speed of the website as one of the ranking factors.

3. BlueHostMonthly $19.99 Offer Price


There is no need to introduce the oldest hosting company (since 1996), BlueHost that serves millions of domain names and websites across the world. It recently launched the optimized service for WordPress users called “BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting” specifically for the WordPress users.

The company has used the VPS technology to create a unique architecture for WordPress and best custom technology hardware managed by the experts to provide the best performance. Having the WordPress core developers as their full-time technical support is a notable thing of this exclusive managed dedicated hosting.

BlueHost Best Managed WordPress Hosting Highlights

• Advanced NGINX architecture for extreme speed
• Improved cPanel with custom-built tools to handle the WP sites easily
• Dedicated backup storage and dynamic upgrades
• SiteLock features and enhanced CDN for high-security
• Four different affordable hosting plans

What Are My Favorites In BlueHost WordPress Hosting?

1. Automatic backup
2. MOJO marketplace to find the scripts & plugins
3. WordPress expert support
4. Fast and simple
5. 99.99% uptime

As the BlueHost Managed WordPress hosting can be used at ease and reasonably priced, I bought this service for my niche blog, and I have no complaints with it.

Final Words

The primary intention of the managed WordPress hosting is to provide the superior features for the WP users so that they can remain with the peace of mind with the quality service.

It is worth the money to get this web hosting service since it perfectly optimized for WordPress and boasts enhanced features like ultra speed, bulletproof security, maximum uptime, automatic updates, daily backups, premium tech support and tailored options to handle a massive traffic.

If you are business or a blogger who would like to give attention to your site’s development without worrying its technicalities, then your hosting choice should be the managed hosting service.

Even though you will be having the plugin restrictions and lack of server control with this hosting type, you can perform well on the internet with your dynamic website.

Now, it’s your turn to react! Do you really need managed WordPress hosting? What is your opinion about these best managed WordPress hosting providers? Which web hosting plan do you have for your WordPress site?

Would you like to get any of the managed hosting services that I have listed in this post? Based on your budget and the requirements, you may get the appropriate one for your site.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section! I’ll assist you by answering your queries!

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