Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting Server

Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting Server

Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting Server

I would like to thank you for landing here to read the differences between the Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

I have been blogging with the WordPress CMS for 4 years and hence, let me tell its valors in a brief manner!

WordPress is a cozy content management system that totally surpasses its competitors like Joomla and Drupal.

And the reason that it has marvelous features like

1. Easy to learn and set up everything
2. Suitable for almost all types of websites like e-learning, online stores, forums, review based, photography and fashion sites (Plugins do magic)
3. Higher search engine ranking potential (Performing SEO is easy)
4. Responsive templates to make the mobile-handy site
5. Supports multi-language features and much more

Since the WordPress offers the great flexibility to create the professional websites that the people craved for, it remains as the trusted and popular CMS on the web.

Let’s come to the key point now!

A couple of years ago, choosing the web hosting was pretty much easier.

Only a few of the web hosting providers offered the shared hosting services at the affordable cost, and the large businesses paid hundreds of extra dollars to rent out the dedicated servers.

So, if they fixed the hosting budget, it was really simple for them to opt the preferred hosting service. Now, the things are changing a lot and yes, it is due to the technological web developments.

Choosing the exact hosting is somewhat difficult as we have a lot of options like Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed Hosting services.

I have clearly explained What Managed hosting service is in my previous post, and I would advise you to go through it.

Difference Between Web Hosting & WordPress Hosting Server

I can clearly understand that your requirement is to know the variations between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting and want to identify which would a better server service for you, Am I right?

Nowadays, the WordPress hosting service is going viral as it is perfectly optimized for WordPress core updates, malware protection and cache for speed.

Besides, you can apply the SEO techniques easily and get massive visitors to your site with WP hosting.

Now, without any further delay, let me tell you, what are the differences between the WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting in a tabular format with which you could understand the hosting models easily.

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Web Hosting WordPress Hosting
Sites with any content management system can be hosted Only WordPress sites can be hosted
The preferred CMS should be installed Comes with WordPress installation
Essential plugins should be added for the performance of the site Important Plugins are pre-installed
Paid SSL Free SSL
Standard customer support Customized & Dedicated Support from WordPress specialists
Speed, Security, and Uptime are average Fast, Secure, and Incredible Uptime
Backup plugin or Manual backup is required. Automatic backups in cloud platform
CDN has to be connected to make the site load fast. Inbuilt CDN
No server-level cache system present Cache system on server-level to improve the performance & speed
No specialized server configuration for WordPress CMS Server configuration is respective with the CMS requirements and best settings to enhance the performance of WordPress installation.


Without a reliable hosting service, no one can establish their footsteps on the web.

Yes, it is the critical aspect of any business to gain the reputation! Getting the excellent and appropriate hosting plan would let them reach the business success rapidly.

If you are just launching your website and don’t have significant plans to grow it further, you may get the general web hosting service like shared hosting.

If you are a passionate WordPress user or would like to build a business site or blog with WordPress CMS and have proper goals to make it big, then I would recommend the WordPress Hosting service for you.

You could get the flexible, robust performing and secured service from WordPress hosting providers for your projects. Even though it costs quite high, their experienced staff support would let you stay relaxed.

Therefore, you need to focus only on the design and content of your WordPress site as the servers of this advanced hosting are specifically optimized to manage the WP sites.

Some WordPress hosting provides free site migration, site clean-ups, marketing tools, WordPress themes support and dazzling money back guarantee for the unsatisfied users.

I hope that you have precisely recognized the dissimilarities of general web hosting and dedicated WordPress hosting through this post. 

If you have decided to go with WordPress Managed Hosting, then your choice should be WPX hosting, the best hosting for WordPress sites. Read my detailed WPX Hosting review, so that you can understand its server technology and other qualities.

After reading the review, you might want to buy the WPX Hosting, managed WordPress hosting. Here is the WPX Hosting Black Friday Offer through which you can SAVE a huge money! 

So, would be able to decide the best hosting service for your business? Or do you still wonder what is the difference between Web hosting and WordPress hosting?

Are you confused in selecting the right hosting service for your WordPress site? Share about your dilemma in the comment section and I’ll try to give a better solution for you.

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