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I believe that you are a passionate WordPress blogger or a serious business owner who would like to take your blog/site to the next level. Thus, you are here to read my WPEngine review to recognize its upsides and downsides.

Well, I would like to appreciate your keenness in knowing about the best WordPress hosting provider, WPEngine. You might be wondering about a question “Is WPEngine a good hosting?”

Before checking my opinion about this high-powered WP hosting, you must check the exciting WPEngine Black Friday Offer. It is a great money-saving chance as this hosting is costlier.

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Now, let me share my unbiased viewpoints so that you would conclude whether to get it or not!

Before getting into the WP Engine review, let me tell you, what is managed hosting, when do you need it and what are the pros & cons of WP Engine?

WordPress Managed Hosting

You might think either you can buy shared or VPS hosting service for your WordPress site, but what is so special in managed hosting? 

Before getting into the complete details of Managed WP hosting, I would suggest you read the differences between the Web hosting and WordPress hosting.

In Managed WordPress hosting, you never need to worry about the technical aspects of your site like updates, backups, site loading speed, migration process, site uptime, scalability, premium support and much more.

Yes, you can lead a stress-free business life with this type of WordPress hosting and just focus on your business growth.

I hope that you are aware of the importance of having daily backups, fast loading website, excellent customer support, no downtime issues and automatic upgrades.

Yes, these important factors will influence your CONVERSION RATES, SEO & USER EXPERIENCE. You will grab all the benefits mentioned above from the managed hosting type.

Therefore, if you are not confident in handling the technical phase of your site, you may proceed in opting the managed hosting service and avoid spending money on hiring a system admin to manage your business site/blog.

WPEngine Special Offer – Best WordPress Managed Hosting Provider

WP Engine is the high-class hosting service specifically designed to host WordPress sites. It was launched by Jason Cohen in the year 2010 to offer the complete solution for the WordPress users by making their site fast and secure.

If you are a newbie, you might get frightened with the pricing plans of WP Engine. But wait a minute!

Just be aware of its impressive features and at the end of reading my WPEngine review, you would come to the conclusion “It’s Worth To Buy.”

Let’s look at the features of WPEngine, What the heck does it have?

Best Features of WPEngine

1. Security

Offering the top-notch security for the WordPress sites is the top feature I like in WP Engine hosting. As you know, the WordPress is more vulnerable to security threats and Malware attacks, and thus it is essential to protect our valuable data from cyberpunks.

However, with the WP Engine hosting, you don’t need to bother about the security and privacy concerns since it has several firewalls that are more powerful to prevent the data threats. Moreover, it automatically scans for the malware with proactive detection feature and removes them if any.

If you run multiple WordPress sites, their databases will be handled with different security permits and hence the risk of hacking is reduced. Even if your WordPress site is hacked, WPEngine will help you recover your site and remove the malicious codes at the free of cost.

If the hackers tried to log in with the wrong Username and Password for 3 times, their IP will be blocked. Furthermore, WP Engine takes backup of your site on daily basis and store in Amazon S3.

2. No Downtime Issues

Site downtime would spoil your reputation! Moreover, you would lose the existing customers and as a result, you would be nudged to meet the financial loss. Uptime is a challenging parameter, and thus no hosting service can give you 100% uptime.

Nevertheless, you can get 99.9% uptime with WPEngine as their system is stable. As it could maintain the high uptime record than the other managed hosting services, I would recommend this best WordPress host for you. If it can’t serve you with the adequate uptime, you may get your money back. Simple is that!

3. Speed

How fast is WP Engine?

WPEngine has inbuilt EverCache, most scalable WordPress architecture to handle the significant traffic of your site. So, even if you get millions of hits per day, there wouldn’t be any speed decrease in loading of your site.

This caching technology also protects your WordPress site against bots and reduces the server load for your visitors. In addition, the EverCache is combined with the CDN to manage the traffic without any loading speed loss.

Out of all, WPEngine has several data centers in different countries. You may select the closest server to your audience and serve them in a better way for quick content delivery (Say 4 times faster that its opponents)

I suppose that you have understood that the WPEngine is the fastest WordPress hosting built for speed and stability.

4. Dedicated Support

WPEngine has dedicated support through phone, online chat, and ticket system. Earlier, the support team was somewhat ineffective and received the complaints like slow response and untried employees, but the company has made some significant changes this year (2016). So, the WP Engine support service has been enhanced now.

24 x 7 chat support – For all WP Engine plans (Click To View)
24 x 7 Phone support – For all plans except the basic plan (Personal, Professional & Business)
24 x7 Ticket support – For only the most premium plan (Enterprise)

It’s really a good news that they have improved their support features by appointing new staffs to give the better assistance for the users. Not only they enhanced their support, but they also contributed some in-depth how-to articles and guides to deal with the WordPress related difficulties.

5. Pricing Plans

WPEngine offers five different pricing plans Personal, Professional, Business, Premium & Enterprise Grade. Have a look at the details of their plans in the below image.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

CDN is included for all the plans; but if you get the personal plan, you have to pay $19.99/mo.

I would suggest you not to go for the cheap hosting, as it would be tough to stand out from the crowd.

If your website has the potential to make thousands of dollars every month, then I would say that it is worth investing your hundreds of dollars per month for its hosting service.

Therefore, I recommend either the Professional or Business plan of WPEngine to build a strong web presence with which you could meet the massive monetary benefits from your website.

WP Engine Price Reduction

Here comes a great opportunity to grab 2 different money off offers from WP Engine managed hosting!

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1. Personal Plan – $19.43/month (original price – $29/month)
2. Professional Plan – $66.33/month (original price – $99/month)
3. Business Plan – $166.83/month (original price – $249/month)

You may choose the best & affordable price cut option as you wish!

Other Highlights of WPEngine Hosting

Advanced Developer Tools

Git Push – It’s a synchronization tool for developers to write and test the codes in any form.

Transferable Installs – To help the WordPress developers, transferable installs was introduced with password protection. If you work for the client, you can move the move the developed projects to their account without any hassle. It ensures the long-lasting relationship with your clients. 1

LargeFS – To transfer and store your unlimited data.

Staging – The staging feature of WP Engine is for the plugin & theme developers who can test the site with the new codes, before making changes to the main site.

SSL Certificate – The Company offers SSL feature by paying $49.99/year for all the plans.

Easy Migration – It provides free automated migration in few clicks to save your money and time.

Few More Exceptional Things

  • 1-Click Restore
  • WP Engine Search & Related Posts
  • Secondary Custom Control Panel

Few Things You Need To Know about WPEngine

You must know the following facts of WPEngine hosting before buying it!

1. WPEngine is for WordPress users only. If you use other CMS like Joomla, Drupal or any other, then this hosting service is not for you.

2. You will not get any webmail hosting service and domains from this managed hosting provider. If you want, you have to rely on third-party applications.

3. You cannot use some specific WordPress plugins like W3 Total or Super Cache, Broken Link Checker, WordFence, Related Post Plugins and much more. Check the full list of WP Engine disallowed plugins.

4. This premium hosting service not only offers the great concession on all hosting plans but it also gives 60 days risk-free money back guarantee for the unsatisfied users.

Why To Host With WP Engine? (Things I like the most)

Security – They often do security audits and have real-time risk analysis to monitor the intrusion sources. Besides, it uses sFTP instead of usual FTP.

Uptime – Better uptime records than its competitors.

Speed – WPEngine recognized that speed of the site is a ranking factor, and hence it is integrated with MaxCDN to offer the great loading speed.

Support – Extremely helpful 24 x 7 support from leading WordPress professionals.

Reasonably Priced – As you don’t need to hire a specialist to handle the technical matters and purchase premium plugins like ValutPress (to take backup), KeyCDN (for WP speed optimization) or WP Rocket (To handle the caches), you can save your money.

Downsides of WPEngine

In this WordPress hosting review, I would like to add the limitations of WPEngine.

1.  Some WordPress users have a tight budget, and even the novice can’t spend for the monthly plans of WP Engine. Even though they are offering special offers with maximum price drop, if they would have been introduced an affordable plan below $10- $15 per month for the dedicated business owners, it would be really good.

2. No email support

3. Limited local storage for basic plans

Should You Get WP Engine Hosting?

Check my questions, give answers to yourself and acquire the WPEngine hosting!

Would you prefer to focus on your business growth and not getting into the technical management of your Site?

Are you a WordPress novice who worries about the site maintenance tasks, data threats, and optimization techniques?

Do you drive or expect huge visitors to your WordPress site?

Do you have other preferences for fast web hosting, daily backup, automated migration and top-notch security?

If you nod your head with the reply/replies “Yes”, then I would suggest you buy the superior WordPress managed hosting provider like WP Engine as they will take care of your server and database matters. You can completely stay hassle-free from troubleshooting, software installation, security auditing, regular backups, server supervising and so on.

Previously, you might think that this type of best WP hosting is expensive. However, I hope that you have identified the ability of the managed WordPress hosting, WPEngine in handling the technical glitches and make you feel comfortable in working for your business brand to expand its web presence.

You would like to watch this 3 minutes video – Few words from a WordPress expert about WordPress and WP Engine hosting.

Getting Started (After WPEngine Hosting Purchase)

You can quickly get started with WP and launch your site successful in few steps.

To make sure that the WordPress and the site URL are configured exactly, and your DNS pointed to the server of WP Engine, you have to add your domain name to their user portal.

To add a new domain, locate “Installs” on the top and “Launch” to include the email notification tool. It will notify the successful DNS propagation to their server.
WP Engine Plans 1

Now click “Domains” to add a new domain. Now, update the WordPress and the site URL. You will be able to log in to the WP Engine sub domain sitename.wpengine.com/wp-admin.

Go to Settings > General > Enter your domain name as shown in the image

WP Engine Plan 2

Finally, point and update your DNS!

You may check this detailed post to getting started with WPEngine.

Conclusion On My WPEngine Review

WPEngine is one of the best managed WordPress hosting service providers as it is fast, safe and reliable. I’m sure that you will establish your business brand with its support and features.

Don’t feel that the pricing plans of WPEngine are costly!

If you are serious about making huge revenue from your WordPress site, just go & grab the appropriate plan that meets your requirements.

So, what is your opinion about the Managed hosting service? Do you like my WPEngine review 2017? Was it helpful in identifying its highlights? Is WPEngine worth the premium price?

Which secure WordPress hosting service do you use for your blog or website? Which is the best hosting for WordPress that you would like to recommend? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

Great Chances To Save Your Money

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3. Business Plan – $166.83/month (original price – $249/month)

60 Days risk-free money back guarantee

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Thanks for reading my impartial WPEngine Review! After reading my personal viewpoints about this superior managed hosting for WordPress, if you wish to get the same for your WP site, then it is the right time.

Yes! It nothing but the WPEngine Black Friday Deals 2017 where you can get the hosting plans of WPEngine at maximum cut rate and hence it is a money-saving golden opportunity. Don’t miss it! 


60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Fast WordPress Hosting
Top Notch Security
Very Low Downtime Issues
24/7 Chat Support
Local Storage For All Plans


Little Bit Expensive
No Webmail Support


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