WPX Hosting Review 2017 – Is It Worth Buying This Managed WordPress Hosting?

WPX Hosting Review
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I would like to appreciate your intense interest in reading my WPX Hosting review, thank you!

Before checking my opinion, you should know the AMAZING WPX Hosting Black Friday Discount Offer to save some serious cash 🙂

In my previous blog post, I have listed the top 3 managed hosting services that I have brought into play for my blogs.

And, I’m simply satisfied with the performance of WPEngine and just adoring its awesome qualities. It helps me to stay away from the technical issues as well.

Not only WPEngine WordPress hosting, but I’m also amazed at superior server service from WPX hosting and glad to say that my high-traffic niche blog is doing well on search engines.

Whatever be the purpose of your website like guiding the people with your tips or selling the products/services to your audience, you will be getting the marvelous results by having a reliable hosting service; there is no doubt in it!

Before getting into my WPX hosting review, let me tell you the reason, why have I moved my blog To WPX hosting?

Why Have I Purchased WPX Hosting Service?

I own a few affiliate sites and used shared hosting servers for them. When they have started growing big with images, content, and traffic, I was facing the technological glitches and didn’t get impressive loading speed.

Even though I have crafted the high-quality content for the great user engagement, my blogs were greatly suffered from the poor performance of the shared hosting like slow loading pages, downtime issues and so on.

I felt that the cheap or shared hosting servers are suitable for the sites that have a low or decent traffic.

Once the websites are emerging and pull heavy traffic at times, it would be better to get the customized service from the reputable hosting company.

When I was wondering about the ways to speed up the website, I got a nice opportunity to read the blog post of Gael Breton from Authority Hacker where he recommended the WPX hosting for fast loading WordPress sites.

I understood that the high-performance hosting service is the quickest way to speed up the WordPress.

Then, I was convinced with his hosting suggestion and moved to this best managed WordPress hosting, WPX hosting which is previously called “Traffic Planet Hosting.”

As I’m using this fastest WordPress hosting for the past six months, I would like to tell my impartial judgment through this blog post.

WPX Hosting Review – What Is So Special In It?

WPX hosting is the perfect hosting solution for WordPress users. It ensures the fast loading site speed even during the traffic hike. Its main objective is to offer a great value for money on privileged hosting.

Check the below valid reasons to get WPX hosting for your WordPress site!

1. Fast Loading

As the WPX hosting discount offers the dedicated service for WordPress, you would get a pleasing experience with your site loading time. Therefore, you can make your site load under 1 sec. Moreover, you can get the third-party CDN like MaxCDN or KeyCDN for quick content delivery. 

2. Security 

WPX provides the best available security, and thus you can make your site difficult to be intruded by the hackers. Getting the DDoS protection and SSL certificate for free is the security highlight of WPX hosting. I hope you aware that Google gives high rankings to the sites that enabled the encryption. In just a few clicks, you can enable the free SSL for your site. 

3. Free Migration Within 24 Hours

The migration process is a daunting task for those who have less cleverness on technical matters. If you fall under this criterion, you never need to worry about file transformation from your current hosting to WPX hosting. Yes, this challenging task can be done for free and that too within 24 hours.

4. Daily Backup

WPX managed hosting provides the site backup on a daily basis to avoid the data loss frustration. If anything goes wrong, you can retrieve the data from the backup without paying anything. You may also use the WP Plugins to take the backup by yourself. 

5. Affordable

Don’t think that the managed hosting for WordPress is expensive. If we compare WPX to its main competitor WPEngine, WPX hosting is more affordable where you can host 5 sites in its business plan with a generous bandwidth availability. PHP 7 and Free SSL are available in the affordable pricing plan of WPX which aren’t existing in its rivals like BlueHost & WpEngine.

6. Customer Support

Your common problems can be solved through the “Knowledge Base Categories” that has the in-depth articles. The technical support of WPX hosting contains the experts to resolve the requirements and troubles of the customers. I’m sure that you will get amazed at their lighting-fast reaction with the relevant responses.

My Personal Experience With WPX Hosting

My experience with WPX hosting is really excellent so far!

1. Improved Loading Speed – I can proudly say that the WPX is fastest hosting service that I have ever used. As it helps my blog load at great speed, I’m catching the attention of my readers and search spiders as well.


I’m fully satisfied with its blazing fast servers which I indeed needed for the improved performance of my blog.

2. During Migration – After purchasing its Business plan, I have submitted the ticket to do the migration work. I didn’t face any downtime during the file moving process from my previous host to WPX hosting server.

When I got the message that my blog files had been moved without any troubles, I felt happy and comfortable.

3. User-Friendly Interface – One more positive point I would like to mention in my WPX review is that there is no complexity in using the interface of WPX; all features are straight-forward.

Unlike other web hosting services, this fast hosting for WordPress doesn’t use the cPanel, and yes, it is to enhance the performance of the server.

4.  Technical Support – I should have a word about the fast responding customer service of WPX. The technical support is lightning fast, and it never let you hang for long hours.

When I have sent the support tickets, they reacted very fast and fixed the issues within 10 – 15 minutes.

Do I Recommend WPX Hosting? Why?

After reading my personal opinion about WPX hosting, you might conclude that I’m going to recommend this reliable hosting for WordPress users.

Yes, I recommend WPX hosting for the good traffic WP site owners & bloggers.

Let me summarize the positive qualities of WPX hosting that support my opinion and hence you would like to get without any hesitation!

1. Ability to handle high traffic
2. User-friendly, refreshing interface
3. Speedy servers to load the site fast
4. Free site migration (no downtime during migration)
5. 99.9% uptime guarantee
6. Improved security & Free email service
7. Daily backups (keep them on separate server for 14 days)
8. Well-responding (quick) customer support

Pricing Plans Of WPX Hosting

WPX hosting offers 3 different pricing plans! You can choose the appropriate one according to your needs. 

Don’t think that the plans are expensive! I would say that it is worth paying money for the features that it enclosed. 

Have a look at the fee of the managed hosting SSD plans of WPX. 

WPX Hosting Review

Getting Started With WPX Managed Hosting

After you select the preferred plan from WPX hosting, the signup process is straightforward. You may register a new domain or use the existing domain to get started with WPX. 

WPX Hosting Review Email

Once you have finished placing the order by making the payment, just login into the Dashboard.

Now, you are able to see the billing details and options to send the migration request & add the new website by installing the WordPress on the server space. 

WPX Hosting Review Dashboard

WordPress installation is just a click process and then you have to register the login credentials. If you have to move your files from the old host, click “Send A Migration Request” and it will be done within a day.  

You may also add additional domains & subdomains and set up the email account in the WPX Dashboard. Once you have done everything, be ready to get the top-notch server and customer service from this enhanced WordPress managed hosting.   

Conclusion Of My WPX Hosting Review

WordPress is an excellent CMS that boasts flexible features.

However, the poorly coded third-party add-ons would trim down its performance. So, you must implement the WordPress optimization through several ways to run your profitable business site.

If you are non-tech savvy WordPress user, then you should know about “WordPress Managed Hosting Service” to subsist without being anxious about the technical faults of your website or blog.

You may go with the WPX hosting that offers the excellently managed server service for the WordPress users.

It handles the high-traffic websites like tedxsanjoseca.org, bloggingwizard.com, hauntedrooms.co.uk, etc. that have millions of page views every month.

Out of all, your inquiries will be attended within minutes by the professionally trained experts through the live chat or ticket system. So, what are you waiting for?

I hope that my WPX hosting review 2017 would help you decide to get it or not. Would you like to purchase this excellent managed hosting for WordPress site? Share your wonderful thoughts in the comment section. 

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